Crescent City Orthopedics

The design of the building revolved around the desire for 6 individual orthopedic practices to join together under a single identity.

Project Size: 10,052sf

Location: Metairie, Louisiana

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In order for everyone to work harmoniously and efficiently, much thought was put into the organization of the spaces; therefore, also informing the form of the building. Exam rooms were designed along the long corridors of the clinic, each practice was assigned its very own exam rooms. Connecting the 2 parallel corridors are the ‘physician pods’ that house work stations for every physician and their staff members to use. The Physical Therapy clinic was added into the program in order to keep the lines of communication open between physicians and physical therapist. This allows for better care and closer observation of the patient and in return, better health results. In-house x-ray equipment also allows for quicker and better care of patients, for both physicians and physical therapists.
This project was completed in 2015.

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